Best New Civic Stream

Total Reward: US$15,000 Start: July 1, 2020 | End: December 31, 2022 Sponsor: Microprediction


Each month Microprediction will award $500 for the best new data stream. All details of the creation of the stream, including code, must be made public. Creating a stream is easy, and explained in the forth introductory Python video. 

Python Module 4

A data stream or collection of data streams is beneficial if it helps someone, provides a good challenge for time series algorithms (taking them out of the textbooks) and otherwise advances the mission. 

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General Rules

You may find complete contents rules here.

  • Only one prize awarded per person, per category, per month.
  • To qualify for open source awards, authors must write and post an article explaining their approach.
  • Prizes are awarded on a calendar-month basis, with the first month August 2020. Performance is not the only criterion, but to the extent that it applies, leaderboards will be reset on the first day of the month at midnight GMT.
  • To qualify for open-source awards, all code must be made open source and remain so. Awards will be paid only after code has been made available for a period of one month. Algorithms made open source near the end of the calendar month may qualify for an award in the next month at the judges’ discretion - especially if they prove influential. It is strongly recommended that code be made available through GitHub and PyPI and this will factor into the assessment of reusability.
  • Winners will be notified using contact information provided on their profile.
  • To qualify for open source awards, software must be released under a permissive license such as MIT, BSD or Apache.
  • To receive prize money, participants must reside in one of the countries in which Paypal operates.

Behaviour judged to be counter to the spirit of this community may result in write_key blacklisting and other measures.