Best Project Contributor

Total Reward: US$6,000 Start: July 1, 2020 | End: July 31, 2021 Sponsor: Microprediction


Each month, or at our discretion, Microprediction will pay a cash awards of up to $500 to key project contributors. Past winners have:

  • Created a client for the API in Julia
  • Improved the user experience (front end)

There are many ways to assist the project and plenty of ideas at our github project.  


General Rules

You may find complete contents rules here.

  • Only one prize awarded per person, per category, per month.
  • Prizes are awarded on a calendar-month basis, with the first month August 2020. Performance is not the only criterion, but to the extent that it applies, leaderboards will be reset on the first day of the month at midnight GMT.
  • To receive prize money, participants must reside in one of the countries in which Paypal operates.

Behavior judged to be counter to the spirit of this community may result in write_key blacklisting and other measures.