Best Published Article

Total Reward: US$12,000 Start: July 1, 2020 | End: July 31, 2022 Sponsor: Microprediction


From time to time Microprediction will make one awards of $100 to $500 for articles, or series of articles, that explain microprediction and illustrate application of the same. The following criteria are important:

  • Clarity of exposition
  • Readership and response
  • Originality
  • Clearly reproducible code examples
  • Fidelity to the mission

Please notify us of articles via For a video introduction to the longer term ambitions of this open source effort, see the welcome modules. In particular some ideas for applications are found in the third module. 

Welcome Module 3

General Rules

You may find complete contents rules here.

  • Only one prize awarded per person, per category, per month.
  • To qualify for open-source awards, authors must write and post an article explaining their approach.
  • To receive prize money, participants must reside in one of the countries in which Paypal operates.

Behavior judged to be counter to the spirit of this community may result in write_key blacklisting and other measures.