Cryptocurrency Copulas

Total Reward: US$1,000 per month Start: Oct 1, 2021 | End: Feb 1, 2022 or later Sponsor: Microprediction


Are you good at predicting the joint behavior of the prediction errors of others? In this unique contest, you are tasked with predicting so-called z-streams explained in the article Collective Distributional Prediction. It's not entirely intuitive, so join our slack channel (invite) and we'll help you get going

Getting started

We've written a detailed blog article How to Enter a Cryptocurrency Copula Contest intended to motivate the challenge and provide you a Python walkthrough. As noted in the knowledge center there is an "ultra-quick start" that can get you going in minutes, merely by forking a repository. 

It is also a good idea to go through the tutorials and understand the strategy involved with this game. Read The Lottery Paradox to understand why your submissions should mimic the real distribution as closely as possible. 

  Python Module 1 R Module 1

General Rules

You may find complete contest rules here.

Behavior judged to be counter to the spirit of this community may result in write_key blacklisting and other measures.