Total Reward: US$12,000 or more Start: Sep 1, 2021 | End: Sep 1, 2022 or later Sponsor: Microprediction


In general, you will notice that some streams have dollar signs attached to them. 

Specifically, Offcast Goose (full identity 0ffca579005ef5d8757270f007c4db76) is the creator of numerous electricity streams and those will count towards a recurring prize for electricity prediction.

Deploying a crawler is easy. Get started now so it has time to improve. 

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General Rules

You may find complete contest rules here.

  • Only one prize is awarded per person, per category, per month.
  • Performance for a particular award is judged by performance of one write_key, and cannot be aggregated across multiple write_keys.
  • Performance is not the only way to win awards. It is strongly recommended that code be made available through Github  and PyPI and released under a permissive license such as MIT, BSD or Apache, in order to qualify for project contributor awards
  • To receive prize money, participants must reside in one of the countries in which Paypal operates.

Behavior judged to be counter to the spirit of this community may result in write_key blacklisting and other measures.