Applied data science put to work on commercial and civic challenges.


Our blog article explains some streams with data relating to traffic, wind, radio, airport, hospital wait times, agricultural futures, chess ratings, financial quantities of all varieties and more. These are drawn from the full stream list. Like everything else, there are JSON equivalents.

Here are some articles going into further depth, and illustrating some of the subtlies of competitive, distributional prediction at microprediction.org.
A Call for Contributions to a Copula Contest
Algorithms try to predict bivariate and trivariate relationships between five minutely returns of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano and Iota. Can you beat them?
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Helicopulas Copulas and helicopters
Participants in the SciML helicopter challenge are asked to predict the position of a helicopter in a two dimensional space. Inspired by this example, we published a bivariate helicopter data stream.
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Where Will a Badminton Player Move to Next...
and how should we adjudicate predictions of the same? Can you provide a distributional estimate of where a badminton player will be in a few moments' time?
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