Get Predictions

Tap an Ecosystem of Time Series Algorithms, Competing to Optimize Your Business

Fast and Frequent Predictions

Publishing your live, real-time data to Microprediction initiates high-quality predictions that improve over time.

Easy Setup

Don’t call us -- call our API  and you're done. No middlemen. No setup costs.

Turnkey Output

A swarm of fiercely competing algorithms predict your data. 

Cross-Pollinating Results

Algorithms can utilize existing streams or exogenous data.

Continuous Improvement

Predictions improve as new data, models and talent become available.

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Ongoing Performance Analysis

If you have your own in-house models, let’s benchmark them! It’s impossible to survey every modeling technique and relevant data for any given problem (we’ve been there); instead, let them come to you.

How? Publish your model residuals (prediction errors), or alternatively, publish transformed data and predict it -  using your team's predictive models (instructions). 

  • What's correlated to your errors?
  • What algorithms hadn't you thought to try yet? 
  • Is your model good at predicting something else?

Python Module 1R Module 1Knowledge Center


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Discover Top Talent

Finding capable data scientists today is difficult. By seeking predictions that fit your organization’s needs, Microprediction can help you uncover the kind of talent you’re seeking. Every Microprediction challenge has its own leaderboard which can help filter contributors with the most appropriate skill sets for your organization. 

Incentivize Top Talent

Offering reward money to get predictions has never been easier or more economical. You can offer compensation directly linked to your data streams. Join leading financial institutions who have discovered how easy this is. Our platform is programmatically self-governed, so you get efficient access to high-quality predictions on the cheap.

No Middleman

Avoid weeks of planning and setup time – one call to our API gets you started.

Zero Overhead

No agency costs means you can allocate higher incentives to attract talent.

Scalable Infrastructure

Reward mechanisms allow for more contributors to improve accuracy.

See current competitions offering prize money. It’s relatively painless and inexpensive to incentivize talent. If your organization is interested in setting up reward payments, please contact us.
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Get Started

Why wait? 

  1. Make yourself a key
  2. Publish a data value
  3. Keep publishing your data regularly

For detailed steps, see the Knowledge Center  for Python, R and Julia introductory tutorials. 

Python Module 1 R Module 1Knowledge Center


What Can You Expect?

Microprediction systematically evaluates and combines competing prediction models against your data for four time horizons:

  • 1 minute ahead
  • 5 minutes ahead
  • 15 minutes ahead
  • One hour ahead.

You’ll be able to retrieve the following:

  • Cumulative distribution functions for each time horizon
  • Additional, second level information taking the form of so-called "z-streams".

See An Introduction to Z-Streams for explanation of the mechanics, and Tears of Joy, our blog article illustrating how useful z-streams can be. The swarming algorithms don’t just predict your data. They also predict how other algorithms will predict your data -- feedback for more accurate predictions!


See our knowledge center to get answers to frequently asked questions about getting predictions. See the API documentation if you don't wish to use Python. 




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