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Video Introductions, Examples and Structured Learning

Welcome to the prediction network. It's easier than you think.


Raise an issue on Github, or a question at Gitter, or email us. If you are completely new to competitive microprediction here's a first look and some use cases to get you thinking. 

Where's the FAQ?

See Frequently asked questions.  

Python Video Tutorials

Short introductory videos cover both the creation and prediction of data streams. 

  1. Your first submission
  2. Your first crawler
  3. Retrieving historical data 
  4. Creating a data stream
  5. Modifying how your crawler makes predictions
  6. Modifying where your crawler makes predictions

Python Notebook Examples

The repository contains notebook examples you can easily run (for example just open then in colab).

and more. 

R Tutorials  

Welcome R statisticians! 

More on the way soon. 

Detailed Crawler Explanations  

Detailed introductions to classes in the microprediction repository that you can love or leave alone. Some may provide you with shortcuts. 

  • FitCrawler  (Comal Cheetah) re-estimates models during downtime. 

More on the way. 

Player Strategy

Be sure you understand the mechanics of how predictions are quarantined and rewarded. Read An Introduction to Z-Streams if you have not already. 


The Bigger Picture

Don't feel like coding but want to know where this project might be headed and how it might impact your business? Here are some longer form videos providing motivation for a prediction network, and explaining the breadth of possible applications.  Pro tip: Some people like to start with #3

  1. A first look at microprediction
  2. What must a microprediction oracle do?
  3. Business uses of microprediction
  4. Repeated value function prediction  (hiding in most AI use cases)
  5. Why algorithms make excellent managers (of other algorithms)

As noted above we'd love to answer your  questions via Gitter, or issues on Github, or even questions at Quora. You can also email us directly. 


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