Welcome Module 3

Business uses of microprediction

Some uses of repeated, realtime prediction

Microprediction can be used in just about any live operation. Microprediction, typically bundled with other application logic, already powers applications in recognition, search, recommendation, sales, government operations, internet of things, transport, manufacturing, agriculture, finance, energy and medicine. 

It helps to ignore the "prediction" part of microprediction when thinking about possible applications. That term is loaded with connotations of singular, medium term forecasting that, while useful, isn't a prerequisite for driving business value. 

Instead, we consider tasks such as the cleaning of reference data; enhancing live data feeds; feature discovery; enhancing existing business intelligence applications; ongoing performance analysis; explainability and fairness; surrogate model creation and control systems. 

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Business optimization isn't just for the largest firms who can afford teams of data scientists. A prediction network can benefit everyone when data, models and feature spaces are shared and reused.


Recognizing microprediction inside existing methods for business optimization is key to discovering significant cost savings. 

Plug your business into the microprediction power grid. 


Repeated prediction of value functions and other intermediate calculations is an important special category. We will go into more detail in the welcome module devoted to decision making. 


The link between microprediction and Artificial Intelligence